Planetary Gearboxes

PER Series Precision Spur Planetary Gearboxes

  • Economy right angle gearbox
  • Light in weight and high efficiency
  • Space-saving servo gearbox
  • Low noise & low backlash
  • Optimized transmission inertia
  • Low-temperature increase
  • Adapt to various motor shaft diameters

The PER series is an economy high precision right angle planetary gearbox. The optimized design of the PER planetary gearbox features higher accuracy, more compactness, and lighter weight, with various installation methods for the motor. The main body’s carbon steel and aluminum construction meet the industrial standard. High precision connected housing enables PER planetary gearbox with good stability and solidity. And the laser welded pinion makes the two parts have the highest concentricity. The performance gearbox has smooth, quiet operation and accuracy thanks to its low-profile planetary gears and precision spiral bevel right-angle gears.

Features of PER Precision Planetary Gearbox

1. Using spiral bevel gear, the PER series planetary gearbox can be mounted with the motor at 90 degrees away from the gearbox if space-saving is needed.
2. High positioning precision: with precision grinding gear, the tooth’s surface is smooth, and the tooth profile is precise.
3. Low energy consumption and superior performance.
4. The precision planetary gearbox is fully enclosed with high-performance grease making it maintenance-free for life.
5. Small vibration, low noise, and high energy saving.
6. This series of products has many motor combinations, installation positions, and structure schemes that can be selected according to the actual needs.

Dimensional Drawing

Specification Table of PER Planetary Gearbox

Catalog of PER Precision Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes are widely used in the following fields:

1. Aerospace and military industries.
2. Healthcare, Electronics Information Technology Industry
3. Industrial robots, production automation, and CNC machine tool manufacturing industries.
4. Industries such as automobile manufacturing, textile, printing, food, metallurgy, environmental protection engineering, warehousing, and logistics

Packaging Details of Planetary Gearbox

1. Standard package either carton or wooden case according to the weight of planetary gearbox.

2. Customized package according to the unique requirement of the customer.

3. Unmarked package.

Delivery Time of Planetary Gearbox

● Standard planetary gearbox can be supplied from stock after we confirm the payment received.

● For a custom planetary gearbox, usually, it will take about 30 days; if the customer needs it very urgently, we will make a special arrangement for production.